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Case Study

Branding and Publicity for the Carver Theatre’s  amateur production of this warm and funny play about a weekly tap dance class in a Dingy North London church hall.

About the production

A warm and very funny play about the lives and loves of a group of women (and one man) attending a weekly tap dance class in a dingy North London church hall. The class is led by retired professional dancer Mavis who tries to whip into shape a group of ladies (and one man) who initially join the class for social reasons to moan about their problems and make new friends. However, as the classes continue the dances improve to the extent that they are able to perform a routine in a Grand Charity Show. They have been transformed into triumphant tappers worthy of any chorus line.
Production branding

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Design For Print

The production for Stepping Out also required a wide range of design for print materials to promote and publicise the show, this included 3 external posters of different sizes to be displayed outside The Carver Theatre, A4 posters to be displayed within the Theatre and shop windows of local business and public spaces, A5 leaflet to be handed out at local events, A4 16 page full colour programme to be sold during the run of the production, Magazine and newspaper ad to go in local press to promote the show.

Show Programme

In line with the rest of the Stepping Out production branding we created a 16 page A4 full colour programme, which included information about the production team, a note from the director, synopsis of Sherlock and Cinders, running order,  cast list, cast pictures, rehearsal shots, theatre information and various programmes sponsors including local businesses, where to buy tickets etc.

Social Media Campaign

During the lead up to the production and as part of the general publicity campaign we ran a targeted social media campaign carried out various social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook. The campaign consisted of promoting the production, driving tickets sales, directing users to the website and Ticketsource, general information about the production, rehearsal images and video, cast shots, ticket availability and audience reviews. This including posting images up to 4 times a week via their instagram account, their facebook page, members Facebook page and local Facebook groups. We also created a Facebook cover image and Facebook event image for the production.
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Stepping Out Overview

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